Your Complete Turn-Key Solution

Publishing By Avanti is committed to publishing high-quality, well planned and executed custom publications for the tourism industry and chambers of commerce—and we have over 30 years of experience to prove it.

Here at Publishing By Avanti we think of ourselves as more than just a publishing company…much more! We consider ourselves your partner and it is only through your success that we can achieve our own success.

We will work with you to create a publication that meets your goals, in the time frame you specify. Our goal is to lighten your load with our superior customer service, creative design team, and easy to use proofing system. And to enhance your online presence, we include a digital edition of your publication with every project we do.

Our services are offered on an a la carte basis. You determine exactly how much, or how little you and your staff want to be involved…we’ll take it from there. This way you are not paying for services you do not want, or need.

From small to large organizations, we have the expertise to meet your unique needs.

We would love to provide you with a no-obligation proposal for your next publication. Click here to complete the online request form, email us or call us at 734-347-1300.

Meet Some of Our Team

    Carol started out her professional career as a computer programmer after receiving her Bachelors degree in Computer Science. She fell in love with the process of taking a large, complicated project and breaking it into manageable pieces. That training has served her well in the work she does to develop visitor guides which include the coordination of all projects as well as the advertising sales. If you have any questions for Carol, feel free to contact her at carol@publishingbyavanti.com.

    Carol President & Sales Representative

    Debbie has been an artist for as long as she can remember. All through school and growing up, when art/drawing was involved, that’s where her attention was. She did not use a computer until 9th grade where she learned DOS and was taught some code to create a primitive graphic drawing. Deb is responsible for the wonderful designs that we create for our client’s publications. If you have any questions for Deb, feel free to contact her at deb@publishingbyavanti.com.

    Debbie Graphic Design Department Manager

    Alicia, shown here with her friend Neil Armstrong, who also graduated from Purdue University in Indiana, is one of our many team members here at Publishing by Avanti.  Alicia is responsible for ensuring your publication stays on track. When we say our promise to you is to “…address issues before they become problems.” that is where Alicia shines. If you have any questions for Alicia, feel free to contact her at  alicia@publishingbyavanti.com.

    Alicia Project Manager

    Abby has been with the team since 2010 when she came to us from the local shelter. Although she is very closed-mouth about her history and background, she has made it clear that she IS in charge. Luckily, her salary requirements are minimal (Milk Bones are her favorite), but her contributions (in the form of a big, slobbery kisses) are legendary. If you have any questions for Abby, feel free to contact someone else – Abby is lousy at checking her messages.

    Abby The Real Boss